Pyramid Energy

Proven by Scientists

Due to its unique structure, the pyramid is able to produce
an invisible and peculiar energy, which is known as "The Power of Pyramid".

Scientists' Conclusion

Through its
shape, angle and apex

The pyramid can receive
and store all the

positive energy from the universe

Dr. Andreuw Chin

A great discovery, backed by scientific research
YXin Deep Sea Stone Energy Pyramid is made with principles of the pyramid,
allowing it to receive and store cosmic energy effectively at high speed.

Cosmic energy can be transmitted to the human body, enhancing our form, spirit and vitality

Boost your health, wealth, career, family ties and fate with people
Create a happy and wonderful life

YXin Deep Sea Energy Stone Spacetime Pyramid

Made with a natural deep sea energy stone found 2,000 feet below sea, it produces
Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz. With the ability to liberate cosmic energy, it creates an effect of
"resonance and heat" to the human body, thus improving blood circulation while enhancing
the form, spirit and vitality of the energy magnetic field.

Deep Sea Flow

Schumann Resonance

YXin Deep Sea Stone Energy Pyramid

Enhances form, spirit and vitality

Enhance interpersonal relationship

Boosts wealth and fortune

Harmonious family, loving marriage

Enriches health and longevity


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