70 Chinese Role Models Personalized Portrait Commemorative Album

2019 is the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

70 Chinese from overseas were selected as the Role Models, using the national business card -- Stamps as a carrier to tell the wonderful life story and commemorate the outstanding contributions of the Chinese compatriots for the economic development and national progress of the motherland.

One of the chapter contains Dr. Andreuw Chin's personal story, entrepreneurial experience and so on.

MOU Ceremony - Yxin Aenergreen Sdn Bhd & Fellazo Berhad

Signing Date: 26.11.2019 (Tue)
Signing Venue: Wisma Hua Zhong - Fellazo Berhad HQ 8th Floor
Signing Parties:
1) Fellazo Berhad Group Board Director - Prof Dr. Huang Minxi
2) Yxin Group Founder and Executive Chairman - Dr. Andreuw Chin


Both parties started cooperation on the "Lapis Lazuli Space Time Cabin" project, which is bound to spread positive energy in more than 500 hot spots in China!

This is to promote a meaningful project to the international stage and gradually move towards the capital market.

Shangri-La` Lapis Lazuli Space Time Cabin Launching Ceremony

Yxin's Group held the first “Lapis Lazuli Space Time Cabin” launching ceremony in Shangri-La on the September 24th to 28th, 2019!

The owner personally went to Shangri-La to set up the Deep Sea Energy Stone Pyramid.

For more info about the ceremony, kindly visit our official Facebook: Yxin Malaysia