What Is Pyramid Energy ?

Ancient Egyptian pyramids are more than 4,500 years old. It is scientifically proven that the shape and structure of the pyramid creates a phenomenon known as “Pyramid Energy”. Place rusted gold in the pyramid and after a while, the gold shines. Place a cup of fresh milk in the pyramid and it will still be fresh the next day. When you have toothache or headache, rest in the pyramid and the pain will be gone. If you feel tired and restless, sit still in the pyramid and you will be recharged and revitalized. YXin CEO Andreuw Chin has discovered that when the DNA (hair, nails and etc) is placed inside the Deep Sea Stone Energy Pyramid without the restrictions of space and time, it will absorb the inexhaustible cosmic energy to ultimately achieve the effects of lifting a person’s form, bio-energy and spirit, so that his own magnetic field will be full of positive energy. When the body’s magnetic field resonates with the positive energy, the person’s self confidence, radiesthesia, health, job competency, interpersonal relations and luck will all be remarkably boosted.

What Is Sheng Ji ?

The art of Sheng Ji or Life Grave came from Unique FengShui technique. The traditional method involves a very dedicated study of the landform and to find a good FengShui sanctuary to bury our hair, skin, blood, tooth, nail and clothing. The main objective is to tap the auspicious Dragon’s Qi to help improve our Luck over time, receiving good forms prospering health, improving descendant luck, wealth opportunities as well as overall good relations with others leading to smoother life.

The World’s First Spacetime Sheng Ji

Spacetime Pyramid houses 600,000 Spacetime Energy Cabin. This is the world’s first ever east and west combination of its kind, where Taoism Sheng Ji meets energy science to form “Spacetime Sheng Ji” Place your DNA in the Spacetime Pyramid to resonate with the cosmic energy field and absorb the inexhaustible cosmic energy. Boosting the energy levels of yourself as well as your whole family for good fortune.

Meayxinnt For Everyone

YXin Deep Sea Stone Energy Pyramid is suitable for everyone regardless of gender, belief or cultural background.

For better luck and fortune and to strengthen wealth and prosperity

Prosperous career and booming business

Improves relationship and better people’s person

Enhancing intellectual capabilities and creativity

Stabilizes emotion and improve the quality of sleep

Enhancing your mind-body-spirit